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Fall Newsletter (FLORIDA) – 2016

Fall FL Specific 2016 Newsletter

Fall Newsletter – 2016

Fall Newsletter - 2016  

Summer Newsletter – 2016

Summer 2016 Quarterly Newsletter

Pulling Motor Vehicle Record Reports

Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) should be obtained and reviewed annually, at a minimum, to evaluate individual driver performance. This document covers what a MVR review should include and the characteristics of an undesirable driver.

Video Camera Placement

When placing cameras, you want to eliminate any “blind spots” and also focus on covering areas that will provide value (i.e. high foot traffic versus bare walls).

Invest In Upgrading Your Camera System

Video surveillance system continue to evolve with new technology to better help to protect your restaurant, customers, and crew. Today we see many camera possibilities, cameras that operate in low light with high resolution color, monitoring with storage capabilities of 1 year, and cameras that include audio surveillance.

Fire Loss Prevention

Your ANSUL Fire Suppression System is one of the most important pieces of equipment within your restaurant. If properly maintained, your system should provide years of protection.

Conducting An Effective Safety Travel Path

When it comes to safety of our customer’s there are a few key areas that should be included in your restaurant travel paths.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

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Camera Placement Recommendations

Every camera has a job just like your employees. Click on the link below to view best camera placement locations throughout your store.

Summer 2015 Newsletter

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Sunken Floor Mats – A New Solution to an Old Problem

Sunken Floor Mats – A New Solution to an Old Problem A major exposure restaurants face is people slipping and falling when they enter your store.  People will bring in dirt or oil from parking lots, creating a situation where not only are they exposed to slips and falls, but also other customers and even [...]

Subcontractor’s Certificate of Insurance

Paying for Your Subcontractor’s Back Strain An Owner/Operator hires a carpenter to perform light trim work.  While on a ladder, the carpenter spots a bee’s nest and is startled and falls, severely injuring himself.  The claim, which totaled in excess of $300,000, is then filed with the Owner’s insurance carrier, and not with the carpenter’s [...]

Spring 2015 Newsletter

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Parking Lot Safety Tips – Employee Safety

What About Hail?

Facts and Tips About Tornadoes

Winter 2015 Newsletter

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“I Am Fine” – What to do if someone refuses treatment?

  “I Am Fine” – What to do if someone refuses treatment? Each of your stores should have a set of procedures in place for when an employee injuries themselves on the job. The manager should know they are responsible of handling the situation so that the employee is treated quickly and effectively so that [...]

Manager’s Safety University

ADA Guide to Service Animals

                          For the Latest On ADA – Please visit

Fall 2014 Newsletter

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Prevent Foodborne Illness

3 tips to ensure clean and sanitary food-contact surfaces Cleaning and sanitizing food-contact surfaces is one of the most important steps to prevent foodborne illness. Here are a few reminders to protect guests: Reinforce the need for vigilant cleaning and sanitizing practices. Pathogens can spread to food from equipment that hasn't been properly cleaned and [...]

Furniture Inspections – Dining Tables

Ensuring your customer’s safety is the one of the most important things that you must do as an owner. Customer safety can take many forms, ranging from clear and clean parking lots, dry floors, proper traffic patterns, food quality, and a host of other items. Read more.

Parking Lot Safety – Adjacent Parking Lots

Keeping your parking lots in good condition can not only present a good impression for your customers – one where your restaurant has high standards of maintenance and cleanliness, but also can help prevent slips trips and falls, struck by vehicles, and protect vehicles themselves by reducing claims for damage due to pot holes. Read [...]

Crime on your property – how to stay smart and reduce your liability.

Violence Prevention and Proactive Action Related Information: Crime, People, Property/Liab., Security Tough economic times can unfortunately bring more criminal activity to restaurants. Crime can be categorized as a robbery, domestic violence against an employee, or an assault or robbery that occurs on your property— even when none of your employees are involved. Sometimes, simply because [...]

Make it your policy to put a crime policy in place now.

Put A Robbery Policy In Place Now Related Information: Crime, People, Property/Liab., Security Make sure employees follow your crime and violence related policies at all times. Remember even the basics, like if a person has caused trouble in the past returns to the store, that person shouldn’t be ignored by an employee. Based on knowing [...]

Summer 2014 Newsletter

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Spring 2014 Newsletter

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Loose Toilet Seats

A loose toilet seat can cause injuries to both customers and employees. Toilet seats should be checked daily to ensure they are secure and fastened.

Good Floor Care Reduces Claims

A safe store starts from the ground up. It starts with every employee utilizing smart and safe floor cleaning habits. Today, floor care has become a science, one that is constantly evolving. To help you stay current, here are some new tools, tips and techniques you can share with your store’s team to make floor [...]

The Heavyweighted Deck Brush

New pricing from The Heavyweight Deck Brush group

Playplace Cleaning and Safety

PlayPlace Cleaning is important in ensuring a safe and fun experience for kids.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Toilet Paper Dispensers - Prevent them from Falling, Popping Open, Broken/Scratched, or causing ADA related issue

Fryer Station Safety – Fire Prevention

Fry Station Safety and Risk Reduction Reference                     Source: Frymaster

Floor Cleaning 1-2-3

Your restaurant floors can be a liability, if they’re not cleaned properly. Slips and falls rank among the top injuries to customers and employees at restaurants. They’re a danger (and a cost!) that can easily be prevented with the proper floor care tools and techniques. There are two main elements to getting a floor cleaned [...]

Prevent Costly Slips and Falls on Ice/Snow

In prior winters, the most costly Owner/Operator claims occurred from employees slipping and falling on snow and ice in the parking lot. Learn how to prevent issues for your employee's and customers.

QUICK PRINT: Sample Safety Inspection Form

Detailed inspection form that can be used to correct potential hazards at your stores, before they become injuries to customers and employees.

Front Line Safety Equipment Best Practices Program

Approved safety products catalog. Easy to use, as the most common safety products are listed in a concise, up front layout.

Safe Driving Policy

Discussion on why a safe driver policy is important, even if you do not have company vehicles (hint - you can still be held liable for accidents in cars owned by your employees, if they are driving on company business). Also links to a sample policy that is ready to be used, or modified, for your needs.

Driving Safety

Review of vehicle safety issues, where you may be exposed, and a large selection of resources to assist in minimizing your exposure.

Hurricane Resource Central

Article on how to prepare for a hurricane, and also setting up a business continuity program, to ensure that you can reopen shortly after the hurricane passes. Also includes a large selection of resources to assist with the building of your program.

QUICK PRINT: “Back” to Lifting

A review of why people have back injuries (hint - its not just the weight of the object lifted), and how to prevent back injuries. Note - in many areas, strains have now passed slips and falls as the number one employee injury type.


Hiring day means that you may have many, untrained workers on-staff at once. Article discusses ways to train employees, plus documentation to ensure that you train the right way, every time.

Tips to Help You Keep Your Company/Customer Information Safe

How to keep customer and company information safe. Discusses how to use cameras to recognize suspicious behaviors, as well as backing up of computer data.

Credit Card Theft – You Are At Risk

Article discussing the problem of credit card theft, as well as resources to prevent breaches.