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Accident Investigation

Report Maintenance Issues to Management Immediately

Report maintenance issues to management immediately Check equipment and furniture regularly for damage Take damaged equipment or furniture out of service or block area off completely with a cone, sign, and warning tape Inspect toilet paper dispensers, toilet seats, changing tables, high chairs, and bathroom door finger guards regularly If you see spills on the [...]

Invest In Upgrading Your Camera System

Video surveillance system continue to evolve with new technology to better help to protect your restaurant, customers, and crew. Today we see many camera possibilities, cameras that operate in low light with high resolution color, monitoring with storage capabilities of 1 year, and cameras that include audio surveillance.

Camera Placement Recommendations

Every camera has a job just like your employees. Click on the link below to view best camera placement locations throughout your store.

Manager’s Safety University

VIDEO: Camera and Safety

Video on the importance of cameras in preventing fraud and crime at your stores. Also discusses placement, and use as an accident investigation tool.

FORM: Accident Investigation Form

A ready to use accident investigation form, complete with instructions on helpful items to look for, to properly investigation the injury and prevent reoccurrance, as well as fraud prevention.

QUICK PRINT: Work Comp Claims Management

Claims management guide, to include investigation, how to interview witnesses, determining root cause, and other important items.

Accident Investigation – Stop Injuries Now

Safety programs are designed to prevent injuries from occurring.  Yet, no matter how detailed the program is, sometimes an injury may occur.  When an injury does occur, the Owner/Operator is presented with an opportunity to learn from this injury and prevent similar ones from happening again.  Reducing the chances for a similar type of injury, however, requires a root cause analysis.  The root cause analysis, along with effective corrective action, will lead to improved preventative measures for injuries.  How does the Owner/Operator accomplish these two items?  (read more below) Root Cause Analysis When performing an accident investigation, it is important to look beyond the circumstances of the immediate injury. When conducting a root cause analysis, be sure to address the following: Training – Was the employee properly trained to perform the task? Supervisors – Were the supervisors enforcing safety rules? Time of Day – Helps to identify trends more easily. Experience – Was the employee experienced in this task? Equipment – Was the employee using the proper equipment for the task (such as the guarded grill scrapers)? Personal Protective Equipment – Was the employee wearing required personal protective equipment? Conditions – Staffing – Were conditions different that day?  Was the shift properly staffed?  Was work heavier than normal?  Conditions – Environment – Was the equipment functioning properly?  Were the floors wet?  Were materials stacked in employee traffic areas?  Keep asking the “Who, What, Where, Why and When”, until you get a specific cause or reason. […]