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Camera Coverage Solutions

Invest In Upgrading Your Camera System

Video surveillance system continue to evolve with new technology to better help to protect your restaurant, customers, and crew. Today we see many camera possibilities, cameras that operate in low light with high resolution color, monitoring with storage capabilities of 1 year, and cameras that include audio surveillance.

Cameras in Freezer/Refridge.

Camera Placement Recommendations

Every camera has a job just like your employees. Click on the link below to view best camera placement locations throughout your store.

VIDEO: Safety – The Basics

Manager’s Safety University

How to Use Video to Fight Fraud, Reduce Claims, and Correct Real Hazards

How to Use Video to Fight Fraud, Reduce Claims, and Correct Real Hazards Today, nearly all restaurants have camera systems in place. Most realize that used effectively, this valuable equipment will pay for itself many times over.  Video cameras can be a vital tool in combating costly employee, liability, and crime related claims while helping [...]

VIDEO: Camera and Safety

Video on the importance of cameras in preventing fraud and crime at your stores. Also discusses placement, and use as an accident investigation tool.

VIDEO: Video Cameras Pay For Themselves

Video on how cameras in your stores can assist in accident investigation, fraud reduction, and other important aspects of restaurant safety and security.