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InfoMart: Your Simple Single Source for All Identity & Background Checks

As one of the largest employee information services in the country, InfoMart can screen & identify applicants with the greatest potential for future success. For nearly three decades, InfoMart has helped everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises Get the Whole Story on their potential employees. With cutting-edge technology and tried-&-true background screening methods, [...]

Stop Holiday Fraud – Tips for Owners to Combat Gift Card Theft and Counterfeit Bills

Stop Holiday Fraud – Tips for Owners to Combat Gift Card Theft and Counterfeit Bills The holidays can be a great time of year for owner-operators with gift card sales and more customers stopping in for a bite while on the road. The downside? It also can be a prime time for fraud, between increased [...]

Cameras in Freezer/Refridge.

Camera Placement Recommendations

Every camera has a job just like your employees. Click on the link below to view best camera placement locations throughout your store.

“I Am Fine” – What to do if someone refuses treatment?

  “I Am Fine” – What to do if someone refuses treatment? Each of your stores should have a set of procedures in place for when an employee injuries themselves on the job. The manager should know they are responsible of handling the situation so that the employee is treated quickly and effectively so that [...]

Managing Claims and Preventing Reoccurrence

We hear employers all the time saying, "I think the claim is fraud", "I don't agree with the insurance adjuster", "It was just bad luck", etc. As a first step, the following should always be researched for insight: 1.)  What did the video footage reveal?  Was video 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after saved? Was [...]

ACH/Wire and Bank Fraud

Learn about preventing and protecting your money in your business bank account.

The growing threat of cybercrime

Cybercrime is on the increase, but an increasing awareness of the problem is expected to drive demand for more specialist insurance.

Tips to Manage Bank-Fraud Risk and Protect Business Cash

Financial fraud prevention requires a new level of collaboration between banks and their clients. Business owners may want to consider banks that have account monitoring capabilities and more sophisticated fraud monitoring solutions.

9 Tips To Help Avoid Wire/ACH Fraud

8 Tips for Secure Transactions To help avoid malware-enabled wire and ACH fraud, here are seven tips for financial institutions to share with their customers: Use a Dedicated Machine Then Monitor Closely Computers are relatively inexpensive; use a separate dedicated machine for all of your online financial transactions. If multiple people need transaction access, each person [...]

VIDEO: Camera and Safety

Video on the importance of cameras in preventing fraud and crime at your stores. Also discusses placement, and use as an accident investigation tool.

Reporting Suspected Fraudulent Claims

Article outlining insurance fraud, plus the importance of proper reporting procedures.

Workers Compensation – Fraud Warning Signs

Article outlining the common indicators of Worker's Compensation fraud, and the importance of reporting concerns to the insurance carrier when reporting the claim itself.

QUICK PRINT: Work Comp Fraud

Ways to recognize fraud, and how to report to your insurance company so they can investigate the claim properly.