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Slip Resistant Shoe Covers

  Slip resistant shoe covers are a great and inexpensive way to improve safety.  In addition, you can also stay better staffed by having an alternative to sending an employee home who shows up to work without the required shoes.  These also accommodate those with a medical requirement where the employee needs to wear a [...]

Slip Resistant Shoes – Enforcement Is Key

Proper approved Slip resistant shoes are a must in any store and as a manager you must enforce usage – no exceptions, regardless of how good the floor cleaning techniques are Shoes are the best way to reduce slips. One may never know when there will be a spill, or oil on the floor that [...]

Slip Resistant Shoes – Flexible Purchasing Options

Proper approved Slip resistant shoes are a must in any store and as an owner/operator you must enforce usage – no exceptions, regardless of how good the floor cleaning techniques are.  Shoes are the best way to reduce slips. There are several options on how you or your employees can purchase slip resistant shoes. Below are links [...]

Shoe Policy Enforcement Idea – Zip Ties

Manager’s Safety University

Shoe Programs

Shoes for Crews – Demo

Stop your profits from slipping away

  STOP YOUR PROFITS FROM SLIPPING AWAY! SETUP A SHOES FOR CREWS ACCOUNT TODAY  Opening a Shoes For Crews Safety Footwear Program saves your company money and increases productivity. By opening a Shoes For Crews Corporate Account, your employees can take advantage of exclusive McDonald’s pricing and your company qualifies for the $15,000 McDonald’s Slip [...]

Maintenance Shoes

It is important that maintenance employee's have the proper shoes for the job. We describe the key elements here.

Shoes For Crews

Click to open the recent catalog or call 800-634-7095 for the latest information.

Profit Sheet: Slips and Falls

Profit Sheets outline the top 10 major cost drivers for Owner/Operators in regard to employee injuries. In this sheet, the causes of slips and falls are listed, along with solutions, plus training materials and product review videos.

Maintenance Workers – People and Profits

Article on maintenance employees, and how their injury cost and frequency is much higher than any of the other employee classifications. Article reviews specific injuries and causes, as well as ways to reduce exposure to serious injuries amongst your maintenance workers.

QUICK PRINT: Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Review of ways to prevent slips and falls, one of the most costly and common injury types at restaurants.

Improved Slip Resistant Footwear Program

How to ensure that your employees are wearing the right shoe, every time. Note - atheletic shoes are not considered slip resistant.