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Active Shooter – Key Strategies

Active shooter events in the United States have risen dramatically in recent years.  This webinar, hosted by the National Restaurant Association in partnership with JacksonLewis discusses: Key components of an active shooter response policy. Law enforcement recommendations. Potential workplace violence indicators. Steps to address previous violent behavior or indicators of violence. Actions to prevent and [...]

Besnard Insurance – Mobile App Intro Video

CLICK HERE to learn how to access our mobile app.

New Fryers Save

Deck Scrubbing Instructional Video

Cameras in Freezer/Refridge.

Camera Placement Recommendations

Every camera has a job just like your employees. Click on the link below to view best camera placement locations throughout your store.

VIDEO: Safety – The Basics

VIDEO: Mat Basics

VIDEO: Furniture Maint. and Screws

Coffee Safety Video – The Basics

Shoe Policy Enforcement Idea – Zip Ties

Manager’s Safety University

Box and Bag Cutters

These box cutters can keep your employee's safer

VIDEO: Importance of Personal Excess Coverage

Learn about the importance of Personal Excess for Owner/Operators

ACH/Wire and Bank Fraud

Learn about preventing and protecting your money in your business bank account.

Named Storm Wind Deductible Buy-Down

Learn about the benefits of reducing your named storm wind deductibles

ADA Guidelines

An informative guide regarding ADA guidelines and the installation of Century Products' ADA compliant towel and tissue dispensers.

Beverage Tower Cleaning

Properly cleaning beverage towers according to schedules is important for many reasons

Color Coding Importance

The importance of a color coordinated cleaning and safety system

Mop Head Maintenance

Improperly cleaning or not replacing mop heads can create dangers

Dry Mopping – Intro Video

Dry Floors- Keep floors dryer and safer with this new low cost solution

Dry Mopping – Profit Today

Dry Floors- Keep floors dryer and safer with this new low cost solution

Finger Shield – Protecting Kids Fingers

Door hinge gaps cause over 300,000 hand injuries to children every year across the USA resulting in over 15,000 finger amputations. Learn More About Solutions by Clicking Below  

VIDEO: Importance of a Safe Driver Policy

Safety video on the importance of a driver safety policy. Also includes references to where a free, example policy can be downloaded.

VIDEO: Driver Safety

Motor vehicle accidents can be very costly for your company. Even when the vehicle is not company owned, damages caused can still be extended to the Owner/Operator's company. It is up to the leadership team to ensure only the safest people are driving and guide them on proper driving.

VIDEO: Exterior Safety – Inspection and Correction

Video which presents information on exterior inspections, and the importance in preventing employee and customer injuries. Also discusses effective camera use.

VIDEO: Managers Role – Your Safety, Your Profits

You are required to make sure safe practices are part of your everyday operations which involves promoting a culture which values an enthusiastic and safety-conscious workplace. In this video, learn some simple ways to get more involved in upgrade your safety culture, to prevent injuries and improve the bottom line.

VIDEO: Posters and Signs

Video on the effective use of posters to prevent injuries. Includes proper placement, near the actual hazard, and in areas employees frequent.

VIDEO: Camera and Safety

Video on the importance of cameras in preventing fraud and crime at your stores. Also discusses placement, and use as an accident investigation tool.

VIDEO: Dangers Related to Doors – Hand and Finger Injuries

Video outlining a little known, but serious injury exposure concerning door hinges. This video is especially important as children face the greatest exposure.

VIDEO: Ladder Safety

Video outlining proper use of ladders, to include both portable and fixed ladders.

VIDEO: What is RMS Modeling?

Catastrophic Model Development from RMS on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Video Cameras Pay For Themselves

Video on how cameras in your stores can assist in accident investigation, fraud reduction, and other important aspects of restaurant safety and security.

How Protected Are Your PERSONAL ASSETS?

Personal asset protection importance review, including a downloadable brochure.

QUICK VIDEO: Shoes and No Clutter

Video on the importance of slip resistant shoes, as well as proper housekeeping to prevent trips and falls.

QUICK VIDEO: The Force of Improper Lifting

Video that reviews the forces involved when an employee lifts improperly.