Mopping your floor isn’t only about getting it clean. Yes, that’s a major aspect. However, mopping and floor cleaning in general is also about safety. It’s about getting rid of dirt, oils and water that can cause slips and falls. One thing that we don’t talk about often is the safety of the employees tasked with mopping your floors. In restaurants, wet mops and buckets remain the standard for getting floors clean. The problem is that those mop buckets can get heavy, causing strain and potential injuries to employees. That’s why mop buckets have now been designed to improve employee efficiency while reducing injuries for both employees and customers.

Safety Features

  1. Molded-in Baffles: Also known as “Wave Brakes,” these built-in pieces reduce splashing by 40%, keeping liquid off the floor and reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  2. Dirty Water Insert: This serves multiple safety purposes.

Keeps dirty water away from your cleaning solution. That keeps dirt from contaminating clean solution and floors, making them less slippery.

Divides the weight of the liquid. Employees use less lifting power and reduce strain when emptying only the dirty water insert versus lifting an entire bucket.

  1. High Efficiency Wringer:  Requires 25% less effort to wring mops, reducing the risk of employee injury.
  2. Easy Lift Handle: Allows employees to easily pick up mop bucket or dirty water insert while reducing back strain and related injuries.
  3. Color Coded: Meet HACCP compliance standards and prevent cross-contamination by using one color in each area of the business/restaurant.
  4. Non-rusting casters: Allow employees to easily move buckets throughout the building without lifting up. This reduces strain that could causing lifting-related injuries.

Steps for Proper Use

  • Lock dirty water insert into place by turning latch
  • Fill mop bucket with approved cleaning solution
  • Place mop in solution then into wringer to remove excess water
  • Press down firmly on mop bucket wringer
  • When finished mopping, wring out mop into dirty water insert
  • Once dirty water insert is full, unlatch and remove insert to discard soiled solution
  • Repeat steps until finished cleaning floor

The dual chamber design also will leave your floors cleaner because none of the dirty water mixes with the clean water and cleaning solution. Most of the dirt stays in the dirty water insert. There’s much less chance of it leaking into the clean water/solution chamber. You are wringing out the dirty water into a separate place and that prevents cross-contamination as well as keeps dirty water from getting back onto the floor.

Source:  Century Products LLC

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