The EPLI Helpline is a great source for information related to the following and more related to COVID-19 Virus related incidents.

  • FLSA and FMLA violations of the Families First law
  • Violations of state COVID-19 laws
  • Disability discrimination claims and medical record confidentiality breaches under the ADA
  • Violations of the WARN Act
  • Whistleblower retaliation against employees who report alleged unsafe work conditions
  • Increased union protests and potential increase in NLRB unfair labor practices charges
  • Discrimination charges from employee layoffs and alleged discriminatory rehiring of laid off workers
  • Discrimination charges stemming from employers taking the opportunity to terminate problematic workers without proper reasons/documentation
  • Discrimination charges stemming from termination of employees who complained previously about discrimination or engaged in union organizing activities
  • Keeping employees working to qualify for PPP loan forgiveness
  • Wage and hour issues related to increasing your payroll for PPP reasons

If you have EPLI coverage contact your broker for the hotline phone number.