You can help prevent burglaries by following these guidelines.

  1. Use an Armored Car service if available in your area
  2. Keep exterior lights on at night, especially above the back door. Burglars do not like to be seen. Lights above the back door are especially discouraging.
  3. Keep interior lights on at night, including the lights in the grill area and manager’s office. This can help police notice unauthorized persons inside your restaurant.
  4. Keep POS register cash drawers emptied and open at night.
  5. Keep back-up cash in the safe.
  6. Make as many deposits as possible to keep cash in store minimized
  7. Make the back door burglar-proof. The doorknob lock and a panic alarm on your back door provide security from forced entry. If your restaurant has only a doorknob lock, install a jimmy or pick-proof plate on the outside of the door over the latch to make picking the lock more difficult.
  8. Ensure all exterior doors have standard locking mechanisms.
  9. Secure points of entry to and on the roof.
  10. At night, be sure to lock the drive-thru window in between orders
  11. If a 24 hour store, keep lobby open for a limited hours.  Drive-thru only policy should be used when possible.