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Winter Maintenance to Prevent Potential Hazards

2020-04-19T20:07:51+00:00November 12th, 2015|Learning From Others, Liability, Maintenance, Property/Liab., Winter, Workers Compensation|

Winter Maintenance to Prevent Potential Hazards Winter months in cold climates can present special hazards for your customers and crew members. Take precautions to prevent potentially hazardous conditions or address those that develop.   Building Exterior Maintenance In winter months, it is especially important to maintain the exterior of your restaurant when the cold and [...]

Crime on your property – how to stay smart and reduce your liability.

2020-07-01T22:43:55+00:00July 23rd, 2014|Crime, People, Property/Liab., Security|

Violence Prevention and Proactive Action Related Information: Crime, People, Property/Liab., Security Tough economic times can unfortunately bring more criminal activity to restaurants. Crime can be categorized as a robbery, domestic violence against an employee, or an assault or robbery that occurs on your property— even when none of your employees are involved. Sometimes, simply because [...]

How to Use Video to Fight Fraud, Reduce Claims, and Correct Real Hazards

2020-07-01T22:43:57+00:00September 17th, 2013|Cameras|

How to Use Video to Fight Fraud, Reduce Claims, and Correct Real Hazards Today, nearly all restaurants have camera systems in place. Most realize that used effectively, this valuable equipment will pay for itself many times over.  Video cameras can be a vital tool in combating costly employee, liability, and crime related claims while helping [...]

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