It has long been acknowledged that fryers represent a real and obvious fire hazard within the global fast food industry. When it comes to fire prevention in the hectic working environment of fast food restaurants, the line between safe practice and potential disaster can be very fine.

This fact particularly includes the until now undiscussed issue of fires occurring in the fryer’s internal compartments created by residual oil and grease build up which provides fuel for electrical and gas malfunctions.

Now however, Nobel Fire Systems has addressed this specific issue and following a series of specific fire tests in aged fryers. Nobel can offer an active fire suppression system that sits within the previously unreachable areas of the fryers internal workings. UL approved, Nobel’s Stat-X condensed aerosol system sits neatly inside the fryer constantly ready for immediate activation. In the event of a fire occurring, the totally self-contained system which needs no external power supply, will immediately detect and activate the dedicated fire suppression system providing a localized first response to any developing fire.

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