It’s difficult to oversee day-to-day activities across all of your stores. It’s even more challenging to be physically on location managing critical claims, which require more time and money. The bottom line: customer and employee incidents can result in liabilities, hindering profit margins if measures are not in place to protect you from damages and liability.

Plan for accidental injury incidents with training, video surveillance, operational audits, and a commitment to your safety program. Protect your workers and your business by highlighting the importance of safety and best operational practices.

Today’s next generation video solutions integrate with most existing camera configurations, business intelligence software, POS systems, and drive thru sensors to work with your business and to ensure that your entire premise has complete visual coverage.

For example, Envysion has partnered with 3rd party intelligence providers such as QSRSoft, to provide stores like yours actionable insight that can only be derived from the visual context of what is actually happening in their stores with our Restaurant Solution Suite:

  • Managed Video Solution: Remote access to your in-store video, fully supported.
  • Incident Management: Workflows that make it easy to create, review, and track the issues in your store that affect profitability – identify, review, and resolve.
  • Cloud Archive: Archive your video in the cloud and retain years of evidence to protect your business & reduce damages in the event of potential future litigation.
  • Data Integration: Exception-based reporting with video playback synced to each transaction.
  • Audit Programs: Video investigation services help flag non-compliance to reduce loss, improve store performance, and drive customer satisfaction.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: Our team’s extensive real-world expertise enhances the value of all our offerings by coaching your staff to leverage video as a critical business tool.


Envysion provides corporate and franchisee brands actionable insights that can only be derived from the visual context of what is actually happening in their stores – enabling businesses to enhance customer experience, streamline operations, mitigate loss and increase profitability. See at Scale. Act on what matters. Protect and grow your business. Talk to an expert today.