COVID-19 is a key focus on restaurant businesses, many employers are left wondering what more they can do to further protect their workers and customers.  The websites below have the latest information specific to restaurants including posters and how to articles to protect yourself and your team from being exposed to or spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Note:  Contactless pay, contactless delivery, and contactless carrier out when/where possible.

National Restaurant Association:

Prevent the Spread:

The CDC has a web page dedicated to Businesses and Employers, click the link below to learn more.  Keep in touch with the CDC to ensure as guidance or recommendations evolve, ensure appropriate changes are made to help protect the health of anyone who visits or is served by your Restaurants.  We encourage you to continue checking the CDC website for all COVID-19 related updates.

OSHA has published a document specific to Preparing workplaces for COVID-19. Click the link below to download the OSHA publication.