• Ensure all employees understand your Robbery Policy, with a signed Robbery Policy document on file.
  • Ensure all security equipment (i.e. backdoor locks/alarms, CCTV systems, etc.) are functional.
  • Utilize staggered method of opening and closing restaurants.
  • Drive-thru window should be closed and locked.
  • A restaurant should be well lit inside and outside.
  • Back door must never be opened after dark, except for deliveries.
  • Headset must be worn when throwing away trash.


  • Background check all employee’s using a third party service.
  • Ensure your CCTV security system is functioning properly.
  • All parking lot lights should be working.
  • Drive-thru security bar should be down and locked when not in use.
  • Utilize intelligent safes and armored courier services.
  • Conduct frequent skims, so limited amount of cash is available in each register.


  • Ensure all employees are property trained on cash handling procedures, with a signed cash handling policy document on file.
  • Make sure your shift cash manager understands they are responsible for safe counts, verification of deposit, assigning registers, and store key control.
  • Ensure managers assigns only one cashier per register and only the assigned cashier is allowed to ring the register.
  • Reiterate making change between drawers is not allowed.
  • POS Password Integrity – Supervisor/Manager will ensure POS passwords are changed weekly, or if the system is compromised.

Source:  U.S. Security and Others