Dealing with unruly customers is a difficult task, but one that has to be managed properly through employee training.  Fights that break out, people who refuse to leave, theft, the homeless, and other issues can lead to serious confrontations and claims, injured employees and customers, lawsuits, and lost business.  Your risk can be mitigated.  When looking at how to reduce your long-term insurance costs, remember:

  • Hire the best people.

  • Employees should be trained on how to properly react to unruly customers.

  • Consider posting reminders on how to deal with these situations in the break area.

  • In all situations, employees and managers should maintain professionalism at all times.  Obviously not engaging the unruly customer in verbal or physical sparring.  When in doubt, call the police.

  • Video from surveillance cameras should always be secured afterwards.  Also, perform an investigation, and get witnesses names.

  • Remind employees that unruly customers should not be followed into the parking lot, as that is where situations have escalated, and fights have broken out.

  • Employee’s should obviously follow the law and only perform acts within their scope of their job description.

Protect your customers, protect your employees, and protect your business.

Source:  Amerisure