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Most owner/operators feel they should be paying less for insurance long-term.  We all know that this can be accomplished by hiring the best people, implementing safety best practices, and making minor investments in safety products.  However, all stores need to participate as many owners are grouped within each insurance company so everyone is rated partially as a group.  The goal of this web site is to provide you some of the basic tools for success while uniting all owner/operators around safety/insurance.  By signing up for the newsletter and using the FREE content on this site, you will profit from a safer business and a stronger brand.

Please feel free to share this FREE content with anyone within the Owner/Operator system.  Also, be sure all of your leadership team is signed up for the newsletter.  The more in your company using these FREE tools and best practices, the more you and the system will profit.

We are happy to be providing this valuable tool to the Owner/Operator system and we look forward to your suggestions, content ideas, or feedback.