Bent and loose drain grates are often visible, but many times they are left unrepaired or not appropriately replaced. In those cases, employees or customers can trip or fall and be seriously injured. Here are some helpful ways to stay on alert and prevent this from happening in your store.

The Dangers of Loose or Bent Grates:

  • Employees can trip and fall into cooking equipment or other unsafe areas.
  • Injury to a valued team member can cost you money and productivity – they could be out of work for days or months.
  • One customer fall can cost you a high dollar claim thus increasing your insurance rates.
  • A fall or injury can affect your reputation in the community.

The Steps You Can Take To Prevent Claims:

  • Carefully and frequently inspect drain grates.
  • Ensure that grates are in place, and that the screws or fasteners are holding them down tightly.
  • The grate itself should be flush, with no raised edges, and not bent in anyway.
  • If a grate is bent, it should be replaced – not just repaired.
  • Make sure all screws are not stripped.

All it takes is a few smart preventative steps to keep your grates secure and safe.