Is your restaurant prepared for a power outage? What about a flood caused by faulty sprinklers? Situations like these can cause both property and reputation damage and put your employees’ and customers’ safety at risk. Don’t be caught unaware during a business interruption. Through business continuity planning and management, incident response, emergency messaging, and more, restaurants can stay in business no matter the interruption.

Agility Recovery is the leading provider of business continuity and disaster recovery. Through our Agility Central platform, we offer a business continuity training center, document storage, tabletop testing templates, emergency messaging, business continuity planning and management, advisory services, and workspace recovery. By planning for a possible interruption, your restaurant will be prepared to spring into action and know what steps to take to ensure continuity. If an outage or other interruption does occur, activate coverage and receive generators, electrical hookups, and more on site with just a quick call.

Agility has more than 33 years of disaster recovery and business continuity experience, serving customers in all industries, including restaurants, food production, and food storage. Reach out to us today for a free demo and call with one of our specialists.