Every day, your restaurants should be using Wet Floor Signs to warn customers of wet areas from mopping, spills, washing of hands in bathroom, or outside water that may be tracked into the lobby due to rain or snow. The improper use or lack of wet floor signs can create more danger than the hazard itself. Here are just a few best practices related to wet floor signs:

  • Replace traditional “A-Frame” type wet floor signs with more visible/taller wet floor “safety cones”. A-frame type signs commonly fall over creating another hazard.
  • Have enough signs for your store. At a minimum you should have enough signs to cover the following areas (at least 6 for the Lobby Area alone):
    • All entrances and exits = 2+ Wet Floor Cones
    • Two signs for the drink station = 2 Wet Floor Cones
    • 1-2 signs for the PlayPlace area
    • One sign for each bathroom = 2 Wet Floor Cones
  • Placement of signs should be easily visible to employees, patrons and security cameras.
  • Periodically inspect your signs to ensure all wording is still readable and the sign is not cracked or damaged.

Keeping your employees and customers safe is important to people and to your bottom line.