Rioting can happen anywhere in the country or locally impacting your franchise system and/or your specific business.  In 2020 alone, this has cost our owners/clients (your system) millions in damages, lost income, and lost pay for countless employee’s that work in the closed locations.

Boarding up windows is one thing that can be done along with removing smaller items of value, kind of like hurricane preparations just in case a Riot or Unlawful activities follow.

Businesses should be aware of their surroundings and what is happening around them.  Also, businesses at street level should realize their vulnerability and have contingency plans in case of violence.

Businesses near such events could suffer lost revenues, whether or not they incur physical damage, during the time the area is cordoned off or until the infrastructure can be repaired to allow entry of customers, vendors and suppliers – an individual business doesn’t have to be a direct victim of a rioter or terrorist to suffer a loss.

Boarding up windows is one of the best deterrents as unrest usually targets the easiest targets.  We have also seen some business like Saks Fifth Avenue hire private security and use razor wire.

Business owners have also found it useful to put true/heartfelt messages on the boards.  For example, we heard one business owners that put “Local small business owner supporting this community since 1995” painted over the board.

To help mitigate future impacts on your premiums, if a fire, etc. happens at a surrounding business and then that impacts your business, you should obviously go after their insurance prior to using your own insurance.

Please consult with your franchisors U.S. Security Team, U.S. Safety Team, and local Police immediately for support.  You pay for these resources and should use them.