Conducting an Effective Safety Travel Path

When it comes to safety of our customer’s there are a few key areas that should be included in your restaurant travel paths.

  • Parking Lots:
    1. All lights are in working order & cover the entire parking lot, tree branches are trimmed allowing lights to shine down.
    2. Check for potholes, cracks, trash, clear traffic patterns, and pavement stripping is plainly visible.
    3. Be sure that all sidewalks and ramps are clean, free of debris, and not blocked.
    4. No evidence of washout of rocks or mulch onto the sidewalks
  • Interior Lobby:
    1. Chairs/tables are secure with all screws in place and sitting firmly on the floor
    2. Adequate number of wet floor signs available
    3. Dry mops available in lobby area
    4. All mop buckets are empty with mops hanging dry after each use
  • Interior Bathrooms:
    1. All soap & paper dispensers are secure with covers locked
    2. Toilet seats are secure
    3. Wet floor signs are posted under/near hand dryer
    4. Baby changing stations are secure & in good condition.
    5. Assume floors will be wet – always bring a dry mop when performing the travel path in the bathroom.
    6. Drain grates are secure.

See the O&T Manual For Full Details