“I Am Fine” – What to do if someone refuses treatment?

Each of your stores should have a set of procedures in place for when an employee injuries themselves on the job. The manager should know they are responsible of handling the situation so that the employee is treated quickly and effectively so that they are not only returned to health, but to work as quickly as possible.

However, we find that some managers think that if they worker says “I am fine” then they are done. This is obviously not the case.

If this occurs, the manager should have the injured worker review and sign a waiver of medical treatment form. By having the employee sign this form it can assists in documenting an employee’s incident, the description employee’s injury (if there was one), plus other relevant details of the incident. By removing the he said, she said, everyone is protected.

Note – The manager and the employee should be aware that by filling out and signing this form, the employee does not forfeit their right to medical treatment at a later date. Many times one may fall and not feel injured, but the next morning they still feel discomfort and seek medical treatment. This is their right.

If you have a Post Injury Drug Testing Policy in place, then you are required to also send the person for a drug test even if they say they are fine.

Below is a sample of the Waiver of Medical Treatment form to help you get started.