Restaurant kitchens are hazardous work environments for employees due to the number of disparate dangers in such a small space. Whether it’s stovetop flames, razor-sharp knives or 400-degree frying oil, restaurant employees contend with many dangers while working in a commercial kitchen. Safety programs and protocols are critical for avoiding injury with these hazards.

Employees can avoid some of the most common kitchen dangers by wearing slip resistant shoes and using slip-resistant mats. Slips and falls are significant problems in nearly every kind of restaurant kitchen across the U.S. A Liberty Mutual study found that employees wearing slip-resistant shoes were half as likely to fall compared to colleagues with other footwear. These safety products help protect restaurant workers by improving the amount of friction they have with the floor, regardless of grease, water or other substances.

If you’re looking to reduce the number of slip and fall-related injuries in your restaurant’s kitchen, it’s important to understand the common causes of this problem, what employers and employees can do, and how slip-resistant work shoes can play a major role in keeping employees safe.

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