Hurricanes and strong storms have the potential to create tremendous damage to your roof. With simple preparation, you can be one step ahead of approaching storms and help decrease the likelihood of destruction. Below is a list of easy, actionable items to complete in order to avoid future expensive, yet preventable roof repairs.

Remove or secure any loose equipment. Antennas, satellites, signage, and other rooftop units (RTUs) need to be addressed before strong weather hits. Many times, these items can be ripped off the roof causing water to enter the building. Ensure that panels and RTUs are securely placed on your roof and that no screws or parts are loose or missing.

Cover skylights or glass openings. Skylights and glass openings can cause major issues during a storm. Removing glass openings completely or covering them with a tarp will help prevent additional debris on your roof.

Inspect the roof for screws and nails. Screws and nails are oftentimes left behind from previous work and can significantly damage your roof. Make sure to thoroughly check for any objects that could have the potential to puncture or wear down your membrane.

Schedule an inspection. If a storm comes unexpectedly, it may be hard to quickly evaluate the roof. However, with the help of a yearly roof inspection, you’ll have documentation of its recent condition and can easily determine what damage occurred with before and after photos.

Clean drains and gutters of debris. Some interesting things can be found on rooftops including dirt piles, plant growth, and yes, even wildlife. Ensuring your roof is clean and clear of debris will help eliminate unnecessary overgrowth or infestations after the storm.

Continue routine maintenance. If your roof is in poor condition before a storm, chances are the damage will be worse than it needs to be. Conducting routine maintenance allows businesses to be proactive and mitigate future damage to their buildings.

Organize insurance and warranty documents. Policy numbers should be readily available. Arranging these documents will allow you to optimize your time after the storm providing quick response time.

Hurricanes and storms can hit unexpectedly. However, there are ways to take action to prepare your roof. By ensuring your roof is ready for a storm at all times, the chance of expensive roof repairs decreases drastically, thus saving your organization time and money.

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