Every day, your restaurant is probably using Wet Floor signs to warn customers of a wet area from mopping, a spilled drink, or outside water that may have been tracked in due to rain or snow.  These safety signs are certainly a necessity, and when used the right way can help you avoid accidents and costly insurance claims. However, many restaurants are creating more danger because of improper use of their Wet Floor signs – or they simply don’t have enough of them. Here are some helpful tips to optimize safety for employees and customers.

How many signs are enough?

  • The correct number of signs to use will vary per restaurant and its size.
  • Have enough wet floor signs for all entrances (this is important if it is raining outside – each doorway may have water tracked in).
  • Have at least two signs for the drink stations.
  • Use one or two signs for a PlayPlace (if your restaurant is equipped).
  • Use one sign for each bathroom, and at least three for the kitchen area.
  • You may need a sign at a back door, near dishwashing, and mopping areas.
  • Keep a few additional signs stored just in case.


How and where to place signs?

  • Place signs prominently so that an employee and customer will see them prior to entering wet floor areas.
  • Place signs on both sides of a wet floor/spill.
  •  Try forming a triangle around the hazard area.
  • If the wet floor is near a blind corner, place the sign on the other side of the turn, as it will warn customers and employees of the hazard.
  • Make sure signs are also visible on security cameras.  If a customer falls in an area where a Wet Floor sign was present, then you will be able to prove you took the right safety precautions.
  • Your liability claims adjuster can use video evidence to help fight fraudulent claims if an insurance claim is filed.


How to best use your signs to prevent falls, slips or trips?

  • Assign a team member to monitor your floor areas for any spills or wetness throughout the day.
  • A-Frame signs can easily tip over and present a trip hazard. Keep those signs, if your store is equipped, away from the foot traffic areas.

Keeping your employees and customers safe is vitally important for the health of your restaurant.  When used properly, Wet Floor signs can help to fight fraud and allow you to avoid paying unnecessary claims and lawsuits.

Using Wet Floor signs properly makes it clear you care about safety.

Source:  Amerisure – Eric Austin

Note:  Please review your operations and training manual for further details and recommendations.