If your walk-in coolers and freezers are not kept clean and organized, your workers could be injured in a number of ways: slip and falls, trip and falls and lifting injuries, to name a few.  All of these can cost you time and money if an employee is injured. Be sure to follow these best practices to help keep your employees safe:


  • Wipe down both sides off doors and disinfect door handles.
  • Clean up spills and any accumulation of ice from the floors.
  • Sweep floors inside cooler and freezer to eliminate any debris.
  • Organize product and ensure heaviest items are stored at waist height for easier lifting.
  • Test inside emergency door release.


  • Clean walk-in coolers and freezers just before scheduled deliveries when inventory is at its lowest.
  • Move empty shelves away from walls and wipe down shelves and walls using approved cleaner and disinfectant.
  • Sanitize empty shelves and walls with spray on sanitizing solution and allow to air dry.
  • Sweep the floor behind empty shelving starting near corners and working into the center. Dispose of any debris.
  • Place wet floor cones outside then spray floor in 2’X2’ sections with approved Freezer/Cooler cleaner. Use slightly damp mop to clean floor and wipe up excess product. Avoid getting too much water on the mop to prevent it from freezing to the floor.
  • Replace empty shelves and shift products to ensure all areas are cleaned.
  • Wipe door gaskets and curtains with approved cleaner and disinfectant solution.
  • If there is an accumulation of ice on the door seals, there could be a problem and you should have your seals and heater wire inspected.

Reference manufacturer’s Planned Maintenance manual for monthly and quarterly cleaning procedures.