We all know that money matters, it is the usually the main reason we work, whether that be part time or as a business owner.  Every shift of every day we put forth the effort to build our sales. The revenue generated eventually must make it to the bank to get into your pockets, or wherever you keep it!

Many times, we think of the only way to protect our cash at the restaurant is to get it into the safe. Cash drawers, drop safes or skims, door locks, Detex alarms and even drive through windows are all integral parts of cash management and protection.

We know turnover is and inevitable part of our business. Do we take the time to change the core locks when we have a manager turnover? There are now new and simple variations of the traditional core locks we have used for years. They are secure, simple, and cost-effective and can save the hassle of waiting on a Director or Owner/Operator to come change them.

Do we have the proper locks on our drive through windows? During off peak hours is it possible for a savvy drive through customer to become an instant petty thief due to easy access.

Though it would never happen in your restaurant 😀, have you ever driven around a back door and seen it propped open?  What and who is going out, and in, is critical to cash management and safety. Is there a constant beep coming from your stockroom, then maybe you have a Detex needing a replacement battery or even repair.

Making sure all of your security and safety needs are met is imperative if the money generated by the sales you create make it in to your pocket….or wherever you keep it!

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