Safety can be so easy to forget, yet very painful to remember.  As a former QSR risk manager I know the unpredictability of accidents can allow even the most safety conscious managers to let their guard down.  Keeping safety equipment and first aid items in stock and available is a universal and ongoing challenge for every organization.  To this point, when reviewing client history I tend to see safety ordering spikes that closely follow accidents or inspections in the area – reactive vs. proactive.  Sometimes it takes a loss to wake us up, but what if there was a way to achieve safety readiness all the time?  To this long sought-after goal, Front Line Safety partnered with McOpCo, and several insurance/safety partners to develop a safety auto-shipment program that ensures safety compliance (insurance, company, and OSHA), is focused on key items (no fluff), and still gives managers control.

The “Safety Smart Autoship Program” ensures 100% of your locations will have the necessary safety equipment needed to do their job safely, reduce losses, ensure regulatory compliance, as well as demonstrate the ultimate safety commitment to outside parties (underwriters, gov. agencies). To learn more and/or learn how to get started, please click the link below to download our brochure.

Best wishes for safety success!

Tim Hayes
Vice President, National Accounts
Front Line Safety


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