Did you know that your should be reviewing your Profit Protection Report at least monthly to review various areas where profits could be lost?  This report can be sent to you automatically by sending an email to R2D2.

This report can be an important tool in auditing activies and used in con

The report shows you many things some of which include:

  • Cash Over/Short
  • Manager Meals
  • Employee Meals
  • Duplicate Card Swipe
  • Promo
  • POS Cash Refunds
  • Unauthorized Draw Opens
  • Reduction Before Total
  • T-Reds

On each items above, you can see:

  • Window Person
  • Approver
  • Total Events
  • Total Amounts
  • Event % of Drawer TC’s
  • Event % of Drawer Sales
  • Total All Drawer Sales
  • Avg Check All Drawer
  • Num of Drawers
  • etc