Trash handling in quick-serve restaurants hasn’t changed since the industry began.  Every year, millions of trash bags are moved from dining rooms to dumpsters.  But one of the things that few think about, until it becomes a problem, is safety issues surrounding the trash handling process. The problems, once you dig into the data, are abundant.

There are worker injuries caused by manual compacting of trash, and from traveling outside the building to deposit trash into the dumpster.  There are customer injuries from trash bags leaking fluids onto the dining room floor.

There is a solution that is economical, efficient, and automated.

This technology will automatically compact 8 bags of loose dining room trash into one, reducing dining room trash bag changes, and trips to the dumpster, by 85%.  In addition, this technology provides guests with contactless, sanitary trash disposal, which means no more pushing trash down or pushing open the “flap” on a trash can.  It also uses a water-tight trash bin to eliminate leaking bags and minimize slip and falls.

This video tells our story from a time savings, hauling savings, and guest experience perspective.  But improving employee safety and guest safety is hard to put a price on.  Give us a call if you’d like to learn more.