Return to Work – A Win-Win for All

There are a number of important reasons for developing a quality return to work program. At the top of the list is the simple fact that when employees suffer a job-related injury or illness, and employer will want to do everything possible to help them return to good health and back on the job as quickly as possible. To fully appreciate the value of a well-designed return to work program, requires a closer look at the numerous benefits to both the employee and the employer.

Employee Benefits:

  • Promotes better morale among all employees by letting them know they are important.
  • Reinforces a positive self-image to the injured worker.
  • Reduces the negative financial impact many injured workers experience due to a lost time injury.
  • Accelerates recovery by keeping the worker mentally and physically conditioned to a regular work schedule.
  • Discourages the disability syndrome.

Employer Benefits:

  • Reduces Workers’ Compensation insurance costs.
  • Reduces the likelihood of malingering and/or fraudulent claims
  • Reduces costs associated with temporary or replacement workers.
  • Improves employee/management relations.
  • Decreases potential for re-injury.
  • Decreases productivity slowdowns.

Another important benefit of a well designed return to work program is cost reduction. Facilitating a smooth, early transition from injury or illness back to a productive capacity can reduce associated recovery costs including medical and rehabilitation expenses, therapy, and surgery costs. Research has shown that the longer an injured worker remains out of work, the greater the likelihood he or she will become permanently disabled. An effective return to work program is one of the key cost reduction techniques to control your costs associated with workers’ compensation insurance.

Combining a safe workplace with a strong return to work program will assist you in maintaining a safe and healthful workplace. Your Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster and/or Loss Control Consultant may be utilized to identify return to work opportunities in your workplace.