It is recommended that your business have a policy in place related to Safe Driving. This should be reviewed and signed by anyone that might ever drive on company business including Office Staff, DO, Supervisors, Managers, Maintenance, etc.

Encouraging good driving is good business. Having a safe driving policy can protect your staff, and enhance your reputation, both within your own company and with your customers. A safe driving policy is easy to set up and can save you money.

Below is a sample policy to help you get started which covers both company owned vehicles and personal owned vehicles driven by employees.

Download Sample Personal Vehicle Policy .PDF or .DOCX (word)

Download Sample Company Vehicle Policy .PDF or .DOCX (word)

As a reminder all employees should also sign the Safe Driving Training Acknowledgement Form at orientation as well.

Download Sample Safe Driving Acknowledgement Form (English & Spanish) .PDF or .DOCX (word)