McDonald’s O/O Reduces Workers’ Comp Costs

Peter Nowak owns and operates several McDonald’s restaurants in Pensacola, Florida.  He uses an in-store communication tool (L3) to reinforce workplace safety.  Nowak has significantly reduced workers’ comp premiums and claims.

“Before we installed L3 and started showing employees short videos, our average annual premium cost wasn’t very controllable.  It didn’t matter how many meetings we had or how we preached the gospel: posters, newsletters, incentives.  Employees just didn’t practice good workplace safety.”


A Different Approach

Nowak relied on AVISOD LLC which developed L3; he’s used it with success, as have other McDonald’s O/Os.

While hand washing, employees’ name tags activate a small, wall-mounted monitor in front of the sink.  In the time it takes to correctly wash their hands (20-30 seconds), employees watch a message from several categories including:

• Workplace safety

• Training

• Performance feedback

• Day-to-day details

• Motivational

Worthwhile Investment

Caroline Pate is Nowak Enterprises’ DO.  “It reduces controllable costs, reinforces training, and improves morale; I can get messages to everyone about everything.  Plus, I get regular reports telling me exactly who saw what and when.”

Nowak adds, “Besides lowering workers’ comp costs, it’s helped reduce turnover and increase Mystery Shop scores.  L3’s not the only reason for those improvements but it plays a huge role.  Plus I can directly talk with all managers and crew without meetings.  That’s another big ROI.”

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