Many Owner/Operators only call an HVAC/R contractor when their HVAC/R system isn’t functioning properly, despite its units requiring routine maintenance and occasional repairs. Neglected HVAC/R equipment not only increases unnecessary energy consumption but heightens the risk of fires and gas leaks. By understanding why scheduled tune-ups for your HVAC/R units are a leading best practice, you can ensure optimal efficiency, Protect the investment of your current units and avoid costly emergency repairs.

Why HVAC/R Maintenance is Essential:

  • Preserve your warranty. In many cases, if HVAC/R maintenance is not completed and documented, your manufacturer’s warranty is voided. The unit must be registered with the manufacturer and installed properly.
  • Avoid emergency repairs. Emergency service is more expensive and disruptive to operations. While you cannot plan for when a HVAC/R unit breaks, you can make a plan to help prevent it from breaking.
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The heat exchanger is a vital component of your heating system considering it is constantly expanding and contracting. Routine inspections will ensure it’s safe to operate.
  • Mitigate the chance of a fire. Unchanged HVAC/R filters and faulty electrical components can lead to fires. Scheduling periodic professional attention on these key components will help prevent HVAC/R-related fires.
  • Save money on energy bills. Routine maintenance assures your units are operating at optimal efficiency which translates to savings in your monthly energy bill for both cooling and heating.
  • Keep your clients and employees comfortable. If a HVAC/R unit malfunctions, it can cause air conditioning or heating to stop. By getting amperage readings and checking refrigerant levels, potential issues can be identified.

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