Company Overview

Squadle is a technology company committed to delivering flexible, user-friendly applications that enable multi-unit operators to simplify complex operations and streamline food safety and compliance. By combining its proprietary digital checklists, patented sensor automation, and machine vision technology with its customer-first approach, Squadle delivers intuitive, out-of-the-box ready products.

Safety Benefits

Squadle’s Digital Checklists and Digital Shift Management cover brands with pre-shift checks, equipment calibrations, shift notes, and more. Digital Shift Management pre-shift checks can ensure all employees are appropriately protected with PPE (face shields, aprons, gloves) and other necessary equipment like slip resistant shoes.

Manager’s travel path inspections can help identify and remedy hazards that would otherwise pose insurance claim risks, such as:

● Dangling branches or signs
● Moist and slippery surfaces
● Uneven or cracking flooring and concrete
● Burned out lightbulbs in dark outdoor areas

These hazards pose significant safety risks, and Squadle’s platform can help reduce the hazards, consequently reducing the risk of insurance claims within restaurants.

Furthermore, daily maintenance reminders ensure equipment is in proper working condition, minimizing risks of falls, fires, and injury caused by disrepair or unsafe equipment conditions.

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