Don’t miss the warning signs of your own warnings.

There are a variety of Wet Floor signs available today for restaurants. These range from cones, to A-Frame signs, to cones that hold dry mops, and even more elaborate signs that contain battery operated fans that help dry the floor.  Selecting the proper wet floor sign is not always cut and dry. Each has its own pros and cons.

Recently, A-Frame signs have become very popular.  Although these signs are visible and prominent, they have a major drawback. They can easily tip over and cause customers to trip and fall.  When set up near doors or outside, the wind can also easily knock over the signs.  What should be a safety warning to customers for a wet floor can quickly become a trip hazard and costly claim for your restaurant.  As a result, safety experts recommended that store owners use basic wet floor cones, rather than the A-Frame signs if at all possible.

If using A-Frame signs, always remember the following:

  • Move signs away from foot traffic, so they are less likely to be tipped over.
  • In a spill or mop area, place the A-frame sign toward the back, away from foot traffic.
  • Avoid using these signs in windy areas, near doors, or outside.
  • Monitor your signs, and ensure that all A-frame signs – and even cones – are removed immediately when the floor is dry.

The use of Wet Floor signs is crucial for preventing employee and customer accidents. It can be the difference between paying a big dollar slip and fall claim and having evidence to prove you did everything possible to prevent the incident (especially if the fall, wet floor sign, and condition of the floor is captured on video).  The worse part of any slip, fall or trip claim would be if it was caused by your own Wet Floor warning signs.

Don’t allow Wet Floor signs to trip up your business. Be Safer with Profiting From Safety.