Running a successful restaurant today involves more than just great food and service—it requires prioritizing safety, security, and operational efficiency. Long-term cloud-based video storage emerges as an important tool for achieving these goals.

Hear from Amy Hoover, Chief Information and Technology Officer, from Manna Inc. as she reveals how Envysion’s Cloud Archive played a pivotal role in saving her business $1.5 million in lawsuit fees:


Here’s an overview of how a cloud-based video storage system can protect your business:

1. Liability Protection and Insurance Claims:

  • Swiftly retrieve footage for evidence in accidents or liability issues
  • Establish facts, protect against false accusations, and expedite resolution
  • Significant cost savings in legal disputes

2. Common Liability Issues and Solutions:

  • Slip-and-Falls: Cloud storage ensures crucial evidence availability for potential legal issues
  • Workers’ Compensation: Document workplace incidents to safeguard against claims
  • Wrongful Termination: Recorded videos serve as evidence for fair and transparent terminations
  • Employee and Customer Altercations: Archive footage to reconstruct events and defend against false claims
  • Food Poisoning: Cloud storage provides critical details and accelerates investigations
  • Alcohol Sales: Video evidence defends against liability claims and aids in staff training

3. Enhanced Security and Loss Prevention:

  • Proactively discourage theft, vandalism, and security risks
  • Preserve critical evidence securely off-site to identify culprits and prevent future incidents

4. Cloud-Based Video Storage with Remote Access:

  • Store footage for extended periods, offering remote access to historical footage
  • Access video anytime, anywhere, enhancing peace of mind for restaurant owners and operators

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Choosing to invest in a solution like Envysion’s Cloud Archive allows restaurant owners to safeguard their business and profits, create a safer setting for customers and employees, and guarantee the seamless operation of their establishment.

Interested in learning more about enhancing your restaurant’s security and streamlining operations? Reach out to our team to hear more about the benefits of long-term video cloud storage today.