Best Practices to Prevent Restaurant Fires     

Your restaurants face the possibility of oil fires which can cost the system money in terms of lost sales, customer perception, worker injuries, property damage, insurance costs, and money. As a result, you should be sure to at least do the minimum to prevent them.

Basic Fire Prevention Measures:

  • Keep Grills and Fryers clean and free of oil build-up
  • Follow proper cleaning procedures of exhaust hoods, ducts, and filters to prevent oil build-up.
  • Check all high limit controls on cooking equipment monthly. It is recommended that High Limit switches be replaced at least every 4 years.
  • Always hire only licensed electrical contractors to do electrical work.
  • Follow proper electrical precautions. Avoid overloading circuits or the use of power cords and electrical outlets that are damaged/frayed.
  • Be sure everyone is trained on how to quickly extinguish a fire.
  • Always refer and follow guidelines for Fire Prevention listed in the O&T Manual.

Hood & Ductwork Minimum Recommended Schedule

  • Clean hood and Ductwork at least quarterly
  • Inspect fire suppression systems semi-annually and after each hood cleaning
  • Inspect electrical system annually.