It is proven that a shiny floor is not clean – it’s greasy. Greasy floors can cause slips and fall accidents, and improper cleaning procedures can cause a hardened, greasy film to build up on the floor that is hard to remove and hazardous for employees and customers.  Be sure your team is trained to clean floors properly.

Cleaning the Floor (Check List to Savings):

  • Put out Wet Floor signs first
  • Scrub floors with an Effective Deck Brush once per day (keep wet/scrub until water is clean)
  • Spot mop as needed during the day for spills, etc.
  • Mop 1 or 2 times per day – Dry mop after to help drying process
  • When mopping, change water frequently and mop in small sections while also using a deck brush to get everything loose and dirt out of the grout
  • Dirty mop water means you need to scrub the floor more with your deck brush
  • Don’t ignore spills – mop them up immediately
  • Place mats at entrances and self-serve drink area
  • Post “Caution–Wet Floor” signs at the edge of a wet area, never in it
  • Refer to the Cleaning, Sanitation and Maintenance Chapter of the Operations and Training Manual for details on cleaning floors
  • Always wear slip-resistant shoes
  • Use separate mops for the grill area and the lobby
  • Try to mop during off-peak periods
  • Dry mop minor water spills and melted ice