We are all familiar with the importance of coffee being served properly and now is a great time to bring extra awareness to the issue.

In looking at these types of claims, we see that the allegations seems to fall into three categories:

  • Lids not attached Fully and Securely according to procedures
  • Coffee Coming Up Through the Drinking Port
  • Damaged Coffee Cups

To prevent costly burn injuries and to help improve your customer experiences, remember the following:

  • Train employees to visually check every coffee cup to ensure the lid is on securely on all sides.
  • Managers should spot check coffee lids to ensure employees are properly affixing them. Take this very seriously!
  • When handing a cup of coffee through the drive through, having the drinking port pointing to the side, or away from the customer.
  • When placing a cup of coffee onto a tray for customers in the dining area, again, ensure that the drinking port points to the side. If a customer grabs it to quickly, you will help to reduce them spilling it on themselves.
  • Position the spout opposite of the cups seam to help prevent leaks.

Remember, reinforce regularly the importance of following coffee procedures.  Safety saves!

Click here to download our Preventing Beverage Burns poster.