According to the Centers for Disease Control, each day 2,000 American workers are sent to the hospital for eye injuries. Simple cleaning tasks or even the use of a simple as screw drivers have resulted in very serious injuries.

  1. When looking at protecting your employee’s eyes, here are some key items to consider:

  2. Anytime an employee picks up a tool to work on any piece of equipment for maintenance, the employee should be wearing safety glasses or goggles.  Drills, hammers, and electric screw drivers can produce flying particles that can be embedded in employee’s eyes.

  3. Use of safety glasses should be mandatory.Cleaning/Servicing the Fryer – In addition to an apron and long gloves, a face shield should be worn when filtering, topping off the oil, and cleaning the fryer.  Note – this is directly out of the Safety and Security Manual.  Hot oil can splash into your Crew Member’s eyes, causing serious injury and/or blindness.

  4. When changing light bulbs, eye protection should be used.

  5. When cleaning the grill or using cleaning chemicals, a face shield (in addition to gloves) should be worn. Hot oil, particles from the grill, or cleaning chemical can splash or spatter from the grill and cause serious injuries and/or blindness.

  6. Managers should use common sense – Any task their crew is performing that may produce flying particles, oil, chemicals, liquids, or other items that may get into employees eyes should be addressed and safety equipment should be enforced.

  7. Be sure to have all the proper eye related safety tools including the equipment station within each store – Click Here For FULL Catalog

If an employee complains that they have something in their eye, access the situation immediately and do not hesitate to send the employee to the clinic (or hospital, as the situation warrants).   Your employees vision may depend on your actions.