People are our number one concern when working with Hand-held order taking. The crew will work in a wide variety of sunny, hot, humid and cold environments. As well as working around moving automobiles. All configurations must be verified that they meet corporate safety requirements. 

The following safety concerns must be addressed:

  1. Owner/Operator –Manager must make a determination as to a safe location for the outside order taker(s) to operate given the parameters provided for in the operations manuals; Store Managers must also take into consideration the configuration of the parking lot and drive-thru lane, considering movement of vehicles around the store and the visibility of the outside order taker to traffic.
  2. Drive-thru lanes, traffic lanes and parking spaces must be clearly marked “Caution outside order takers are present” flags and cones are installed at the entrance to the drive-thru lane and at the designated order taker position.
  3. Adequate high visibility cones must be placed in the drive-thru lane before the outside order taker position. 2 cones as a minimum to Queue the customer that an order taker is in place. Caution flags and cones are placed an adequate distance to provide for vehicles to stop once outside order taker is visible to the driver
  4. Where possible, outside order takers must be positioned on walkways and or raised curb areas
  5. Outside order takers must remain vigilant of traffic in the parking lot and drive-thru lane at all times.
  6. Outside order-taker must wear high visibility vests as a minimum.
  7. Outside order takers must allow vehicles in drive-thru lane to come to complete stop before approaching vehicle and speaking with driver.
  8. Outside order takers must not stand or step between vehicles in direct contact with exhaust emissions and they avoid all contact with vehicles.
  9. Store manager must conduct “hands on” training of all outside order takers to familiarize order takers with safety practices and expectations
  10. Outside order taking should be restricted to daylight hours only, and should be prohibited during inclement weather where visibility of drivers and/or order takers may be impaired.
  11. Make sure the danger zone camera has a complete view of the Drive-thru lane and that UAS viewing/merge monitors are in use for visual communications.
  12. All hand-held order takers must know the restaurant signal for emergency situations. The emergency signal is a comment on the weather. “(Add manager’s name.) It is raining/snowing really hard out here.” This comment has nothing to do with any conversations coming from Drive-thru.
  13. Ensure crew tuck in loose clothing and long hair to prevent possible entrapment in moving vehicles.
  14. Outside order takers must be at least 18 years of age; it is advisable, where possible, to staff outside order taker positions with volunteers who prefer (do not object) to working in such an environment. Further assessment should be made if outside order taking is contemplated in a high-crime area– consult your security manager.

Outside order takers must be trained in safe work practices where exposure to heat or extreme cold temperatures are a factor, including symptoms of heat exhaustion and frostbite, where applicable. Shift Managers must remain vigilant to outside-order taking operations and provide the necessary breaks and support for outside order takers as per operations manuals and specified safe practices.

 Please refer to your HHOT Operations and Training Manual for full and updated information.