Armored car pickups have always been recommended for safety, but now the cost of this service has been reduced further by the latest technology.

Intelligent vaults allow funds to be electronically credited to the owner/operators bank account as soon as cash is deposited into the stores depository safe. The secure, intelligent safe is equipped with a currency reader that detects denominations and identifies counterfeit or damaged currency. After the safe transmits the cash count to the retailer’s designated account via a network connection, participating financial institutions provide provisional credit to the owner/operators account. With provisional credit, whatever cash is taken in at one of the restaurant locations yesterday is credited in the store’s account today. Because the credit is received and the money is secured in the store safe, fewer armored car pickups are required, resulting in significant cost savings.

“I see a 36% savings in manager’s time alone. We’ve freed up 2 – 3 hours per day that they spent just counting money which equates to over $70K per year. Now they have more time to be managers.” – DO

In addition to increased cash flow and reduced labor, security is improved as fewer employees handle cash and both crime and theft is reduced.

Consider one of these solutions for your stores today.

Source:  News Article (click here)