One of the main considerations for changing from standard parking lot lighting to LED lighting is the cost savings on your electrical bill. Studies have shown that parking lot lighting constitutes about 12% of your monthly electric bill. Although 12% may not seem like a ‘deep well’ of cost to look to, one store in Michigan upgraded to LED lighting and saved $9,141 a year in direct costs, but also $2,834 in maintenance costs. Here are additional details on cost savings, and safety:

  • One LED fixture will last as long as 60 incandescent fixtures.
  • Warranties on LED fixtures are 5 years, and many warranties also include labor of installation.
  • Some approved vendors also work with local utilities to assist with rebates that are offered in many areas.

With a useful life of up to 60,000 hours, the reduction in downtime costs are not just having a light out and contracting to have it fixed, but also safety.  60,000 hours means that replacements are performed every 9 – 10 years.

Additionally, LED lighting has proven to offer more effective coverage of your parking lots, and additional avenues for lighting, such as additional lights on the sides of buildings.  This not only assists in reducing potential for crime on your property, but also assists in reducing liability should crime happen on your property.  Your stores will be on the ‘cutting edge’ of lighting.  In many cases, a single light in the parking lot being out, or having the ‘halo’ effect of lighting (where the lighting is bright in only certain areas, but not in others), not only exposes your stores to a greater potential for crime, but also:

  • Costly trips and falls over curbs and bumpers
  • Customers and Crew Members being struck by cars
  • Motor vehicle accidents due to dark turns, blind traffic patterns, etc.

One approved vendor of LED lighting is Hubbell Lighting.  Hubbell lighting can assist with conversion, cost savings calculation, plus local utility rebates.  Hubbell can be accessed through

Article Source:  Amerisure Insurance