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Doing Background Checks and Choosing a Provider

  Background checks are relatively commonplace in many industries, but others don’t see the value. When debating whether to run checks, consider this: 69% of employers have made a bad hire. Of those, 41% reported that a bad hire had cost them $25,000 with nearly 25% reporting that a bad hire had cost them more [...]

Doing Background Checks and Choosing a Provider2022-12-20T00:58:00+00:00

LED Lights Improve Safety

One of the main considerations for changing from standard parking lot lighting to LED lighting is the cost savings on your electrical bill. Studies have shown that parking lot lighting constitutes about 12% of your monthly electric bill. Although 12% may not seem like a ‘deep well’ of cost to look to, one store in [...]

LED Lights Improve Safety2020-04-19T20:07:24+00:00