Profit Sheet – Cost Reduction Guide

Based on a sampling of claims in 500 Owner/Operator stores, costs involving maintenance employees tend to be 3 – 4 times more costly than crew member injuries, on a per injury basis.

Observation Solution
1. Slips and Falls, Falls from Heights Wearing slip resistant shoes, ladder safety, train crew to not rush
2. Strains Lifting lighter loads, asking for help, proper lifting
3. Cuts, punctures, eye injuries Employee required to wear protective equipment.


  1. Slips and Falls, Falls from Heights:
    1. Sub contract out hazardous work, to include:
      1. Roof Top HVAC work
      2. Landscaping/Tree Trimming
      3. Heavy Maintenance/Repair Work
    2. Maintenance employees must wear slip resistant shoes at all times. No exceptions. In addition to reducing injury potential, it is important that managers set the example to the crew members.
    3. Inspect all ladders on a regular basis. Instruct maintenance employees on proper usage. Use telescoping tools for cleaning and eliminate ladder use where possible.
    4. Instruct maintenance employees on planning of their work to avoid rushing.
  2.  Strains
    1. Reduce or eliminate heavy lifting where possible.
    2. Rent lifts to lift items to the roof, or for sign work.
    3. Rotate heavy lifting jobs, such as unloading the trucks and stacking materials.
    4. Encourage maintenance employees to stretch, and train to lift correctly.
    5. Encourage maintenance employees to ask for help when lifting heavy objects.
  3. Cuts, Punctures, Eye Injuries
    1. Require the use of safety glasses, face shields, when using any type of tools, including screw drivers. Note – These safety items should be at all restaurant locations.
    2. Ensure that proper gloves are available to handle hot items, chemicals, or whatever the exposure requires. Monitor that all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available, and worn.
    3. Hold managers accountable for the performance of maintenance employees at their stores. Especially if they are not wearing the proper shoes or PPE when an injury occurs.


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