Profit Sheet – Cost Reduction Guide

Based on a sampling of claims in 500 Owner/Operator stores, trip and fall injuries were one of the most severe injury types listed, affecting crew members, maintenance, and management.

Observation Solution
1. Trips over Carts, Mops, Equipment Proper Housekeeping/Storage
2. Freezer, Tile, Parking Lot, Drain Grate Trips Maintenance of the Property
3. Trips on Boxes, Wrappers, Food Proper storage and disposal of materials


  1. Trips over Carts, Mops, Equipment
    1. Place mops in storage immediately after use. Do not leave in travel paths.
    2. When mopping floors, ensure the person who is mopping warns others of their approach, to prevent trips and struck by injuries.
    3. Keep all extension cords recessed out of travel paths, and ensure mobile equipment is stored properly when not in use.
    4. Zero Tolerance Policy for Horseplay, Running, etc.
  2. Freezer, Tile, Parking Lot, Drain Grate Trips
    1. The metal plates on the cooler and freezer floor are not lifting.
    2. There are no missing or cracked tiles on the floor.
    3. The drain grates are secure, and areas around the drain grates are smooth as well.
    4. There are no cracks or indentations on sidewalks or in the parking lot of greater than ¼ of an inch. This can be measured by stacking 4 pennies next to the crack or indentation to measure the height.
  3. Trips on Boxes, Wrappers:
    1. Immediately store shipments on shelves, and out of travel paths.
    2. Dispose of all wrappers immediately. Hold crew members accountable for their work areas.
    3. Dispose of empty boxes immediately, or place out of travel paths. Do not store in front of shelves and other areas where employees will have to move them.
    4. Cellophane wrappers and sheets are especially slippery. These should be balled up and thrown away as soon as they are no longer being used.
    5. Keep an eye out for any food items that may have fallen onto the floor. Something as small as a pickle slice can cause an employee to have a severe fall.


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