Slippery floors are one of the most costly drivers of accidents and injuries at any Owner/Operator location.  Oil from the fryer is one of the main culprits in causing slippery floors.  When employees transfer fries from the fryer to the bagging station, the excess oil from the basket can drip into the fryer and to the space between the fryer and bagging station.  When this occurs, the oil will eventually drop to the floor.  Once on the floor, not only will the floor around the fryer become slippery, but employees will track the oil forward to the drive through window and cashier line, and also backwards to the other prep areas, break area, and even dry storage.  In some cases, it has been documented that oil from the fryer can even be tracked out into the customer area, especially at the entry and exit to the back area.

In addition to regular cleaning and deck brushing around the fryer, as well as training of employees to be careful when transferring fries to the bagging station, a splash cap should always be installed over the gap between the fryer and bagging station.  Even if the fryer and bagging station are against each other, oil from the fryer will find its way to the floor, and also increase cleaning time of equipment.

The splash cap covers the gap between the fryer and bagging station, thus causing oil to drip back to the fryer or bagging station or stay on top.  To further reduce chances of the oil dripping to the floor, the splash cap should be wiped off regularly throughout the day – anytime when oil is observed to be on top.

Different fryers and bagging stations require different splash caps.  If yours is missing, contact your Franke representative, or consult your Franke catalog to ensure you purchase the correct model.