Among the list of critical functions, a store manager is responsible for the effective training of employees.  Your brand has provided the tools to assist you in your training efforts. Therefore, proper job instruction should not be complicated or difficult but demands your commitment to accurately evaluate employee potential and nurture its growth. The instruction must include all necessary steps to ensure safety, productivity, quality and timely delivery.

A four step training method has proven effective for on-the-job instruction. This “shoulder-to-shoulder” training consists of the following four elements:

• Prepare  • Present  • Try out  • Follow up

Step 1: Prepare
Prepare means that the restaurant must have a prepared training plan, training area, crew trainer, and crew person.

Prepare a training plan. The training manager uses the Crew Training Needs Analysis and Budget form and the Crew Training Tracking System (both explained in detail in the Crew Training System manual) to prepare the training plan. The plan identifies the training needs, budget, and schedule for crew training. This makes sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time for training to occur.

Prepare the trainer. The crew trainer should be a pro who always does the job right. Even then, the crew trainer must review and practice the station procedures as part of their preparation for training.

Prepare the training area. The crew trainer makes sure the following is done:

    • The training materials are available
    • The training area is properly set up
    • The video equipment is available and in good working condition

Prepare the crew person. The crew trainer needs to understand that the crew trainee will often be tense or anxious. The crew trainer prepares the trainee for training by:

    • Explaining the importance of the job
    • Creating an interest in knowing about the job
    • Providing a station orientation as a general overview of the procedures

Step 2: Present

This step involves explaining and demonstrating station procedures to the crew person. Use a systematic approach to explain the hows and the whys of each procedure. Include both off-floor training (using videotape and the SOC) and on-floor demonstration of the station procedures.

Step 3: Try out

Now the crew person is ready to try each step. The crew person should explain the hows and whys to the crew trainer as they perform each step. This helps reinforce the learning. Any errors must be corrected immediately in a positive manner. Good performance should be recognized. Continued practice and repetition will build skills and confidence.

Step 4: Follow up

After the crew person has enough practice, the crew trainer uses an SOC to follow up. The trainer makes sure the crew person is following the proper procedures and can meet the station standards.