Common sense, even in these highly technological times, is still able to give birth to new and simple solutions that benefit the end user and society as a whole.   Anyone who has been on their hands and knees, scrubbing their fingers to the bone or bending over a deck brush applying “elbow grease” to futile results, can relate with one such common sense solution on the market today.

After several failed attempts at cleaning your floors, Heavyweight Solutions came up with an idea to add weight to a standard deck brush.  “Almost everybody I talk to will say that ‘mopping simple smears dirt and oil across the floor’ and yet it is the primary cleaning tool used in the restaurant industry.  By adding a weight to our brush we were able to effectively maintain a cleaner floor condition changing the whole dynamics of a restaurant.  Can you imagine truly clean, no black grout, no dirty black mop water, no more Duck walk; it’s all possible if we would understand simple principles to floor care. ” said Michael Martin of Heavyweight Solutions.
The principles are:

  1. Black mop water does not mean it is time to change the water, it means the floor  is filthy
  2. In order to offset the damage done by mopping, scrubbing the floor must be performed on a regular basis
  3. What is in the mop bucket is what is going on the floor

It doesn’t end there either.  Just because a floor is clean does not necessarily mean it is safe.  Not only are traces of oil left behind due to inadequate rinsing procedure but the chemicals used also remain on the floor.  Compounded to these conditions are tiles that are worn and/or manufactured with a low slip resistant characteristic.  The good news is all of the above is solvable and why thousands of Mike’s customers thank him for finally providing the tools and procedures to return their floors to a clean and safe condition. They all agree the “Moving the Mud” demonstration that Mike asks everyone to perform as soon as their Heavyweight® arrives is not only an eye popping experience but also excites the employees to no end.  Give them the tools to do the job correctly and they will make it happen” seems to be their motto.

Heavyweight Solutions has been on the forefront of green cleaning procedures for the past 15 years.  Their staple product, The Heavyweight® scrub brush, is:

  1. The only manual scrub brush certified by the National Floor Safety Institute NFSI

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Heavyweight Solutions customers include over 3,800 McDonald’s among many other safe restaurants.  Please visit to learn how this revolutionary cleaning system can all but eliminate the use of harsh chemicals, dramatically reduce labor and virtually eliminate the costly slip and fall accidentsCall Franke now to get started.